da Gemma
dal 1872 Antica Trattoria


2016 New Year’s Eve menù

The aperitif:

Welcome appetizer served up with Bellavista Franciacorta flute

The shrimp:

hot potato mousse with “ porcini” mushrooms and red prawns

The (four different) Cod (recipes):

smoked, creamed, fried and cooked in low temperature oil

The risotto:

with shrimps, baked tomatoes and turnip broccoli sauce

The ravioli:

black truffled pasta with lobster and marjoram stuffing in sea urchin sauce

The grouper:

Grouper sandwich soup with herb- seasoned bread

Good luck wishes:

“zampone” and lentils.

The cake:

chestnut and rum “tronchetto” with coffee mousse and pistachio ice cream

Our traditional cakes

Neapolitan doughnuts and struffoli.

two thousand and seventeen New Year’s greetings