It’s a typical dessert of the Sorrento’s plan and the Amalfi Coast.
The origin of this recipe are secular, as is testified in various notes of travelers of past centuries, surprised by the “strange” combination.
About the hypothesis of the place of birth there is no sharing. For some, the recipe was born in the convent of the Franciscan Friars of Atrani and it derives from their dish that already existed (fried aubergines, covedered with a sweet and liqueur sauce).
Others attribute it to the culinary of the nuns of a Tramonti’s convent, hillside village on the slopes of the Lattari mountains.
Over the decades the recipe has varied many times, producing differences even between neighboring villages.
Still today there are different variants and is not appeased the desire to continue the quest for “the perfect dessert”.
In the house, in the pastry shops or in festivals dedicated, it’s easy, especially in the summer, enjoy this goodness in its various expressions.
Even the chef Salvatore Milano has created its own version of the dessert, very bound to the Amalfi Coast’s tradition.
But to taste it and fall in love with it, there is no other way than to come to the reastaurant Da Gemma.