From 1872 to now

We’re in Amalfi, paradise of water and earth between sea and hills.
Taking its alleys, the square that houses the stunning Duomo, an alley leads from the main street of the Corso. You arrive, so, to the old restaurant Da Gemma.
The welcome is friendly and discreet.
The decor, simple and elegant, ceramic floors and the terrace overlooking the heart of Amalfi, are some of the features that many poets and famous people have given praise, since 1872.
A continuous history, lasting almost a century and a half, remained faithful to its seafood dishes and recipes of Campania.
But it would be a mistake to imagine the kitchen stopped at the recipes of Artusi.
In fact, starting from tradition, the restaurant Da Gemma was able to innovate the variety, “reinventing” and elaborating those traditional dishes, with art and peculiar style that characterizes it.
Only in its cozy interiors, which are home to 60 people, you can taste its menus, available to anyone who wants to bring along the memory of the true and actual mediterranean cuisine.


Our Kitchen


the New Tradition

Always we prefer raw materials of high quality. It’s necessary to package meals that stimulate, in the most intimate, our taste buds.
For us, the kitchen is “memory” but also new experience and, above all, pleasure.
This is why every ingredient, from vegetables to meat, is chosen daily by our chef and, in particular, the fresh fish, preferably “zero km”, presented to view and always freshly cooked.
Prepare our fish soup, paccheri alla Genovese, delicate fries, tuna carpaccio or aubergines with chocolate, sweet unique taste, is for us a daily challenge that involves the art and the creativity of our chef to win over the customer.